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     Home | Profile | Application | Products | FAQ | Contact Us is brought to you by, Swiss Pack, the leading manufacture gravure printed retort pouches and films. Retort pouches are known for their exceptional strength and barrier properties, and are primarily used in the food packaging industries. With the main production facility based in India , and a sales branch Australia , Swiss Pack are able to supply and service customers globally.

Retort is a cooking process that uses heat and pressure to cook food in its sealed package. Retort Pouches conditions are quite demanding with temperatures typically ranging from 120°C to 130°C. Different retort grade films which are laminated together to provide the strength, toughness, puncture and burst resistance that enable flexible retort pouches to withstand the strenuous retort process.

Retort pouches and packaging are available in two variants one is aluminum foil laminated and another transparent see through retort pouches. We also keep some sizes off the shelf in retort pouches.

Common flexible retort pouch structures include the following : 

 PET / FOIL / Nylon / CPP
 PET / Nylon / FOIL / CPP
 PET-SiOX or AlOX / Nylon / CPP

Due to retort pouches have their thinner dimensions, it takes less time to cook food in a flexible retort pouch than in other forms of rigid packaging such as cans and jars. This reduced retort time results in foods that have superior taste in retort pouches.
Swiss Pack's Retort Pouch packaging has superior barrier and printing qualities and can be supplied as stand-up, flat or in roll form.
Flexible retort pouches offer a variety of additional benefits over rigid packaging to both retailers and consumers that include :

 Superior taste due to reduced retort time
 Extended shelf life in retort pouches
 Reduced storage space, both in warehouse and pantries
 Reduced transportation costs
 Easier and safer tear-open/disposal consumer experience
 Microwave convenience

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